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"Venice Drowning"

Venice breeding shy chimeras
Of sex and violence
In the purple evening silence
Venice dreaming of a partner
Fills your hands with breasts of marble
From the cradle to the table
Coax this naked treasure from
Your saviour
Come swim into my love
Come swim into my life
Divine blasphemer tempting
Holy beads of jism
With the scarlet catechism
Her lips will answer
(oh, her lips will answer)
How to be ther perfect stranger
The perfect lover wanting
And as you'll discover...giving
And as you'll discover...being
Come swim into my love
Come swim into my life
Enter this sublime corrosion
Venice drowning in emotion
The body stirs and is reanimated
Only briefly--
But then life is very brief
Venice drowning
Venice drowning
Venice drowning
Venice drowning
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